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Electric Deep Fryer Reviews

Electric Deep FryerDeep fryer is a kitchen appliance most commonly used in commercial kitchens for deep-frying. Food is submerged in oil at a very hot temperature. Some of the best deep fryer comes with a basket for the food. With its growing popularity, manufacturers have come up with different features to offer. Alarm, temperature controls and ventilation systems are some of the features that have been developed to sell in the market. Electric fryers have also become a part of home kitchen appliance.

What's the best electric deep fryer?

Consumers often think of the best brands for their appliances. Sometimes, brands may offer the best specification customers are looking for but fail in other areas such as quality and warranty. Questions like how much electricity will be consumed or do I really need this for my home is neglected. Popular brands for commercial and home use are American Range, Preston, Waring and Masterbuit. Here are some of the important things to consider when buying deep fryers:

Size: consider how big is the unit to accommodate the space in the kitchen. Size also refers to the basket, which counts the number or the amount of food each can hold for production.

Temperature control: check if it consumes too much electricity based on the amount of temperature it can sustain to cook food. There is an ideal temperature for different foods when deed-frying. Timers are also convenient to monitor temperature control.

Warranty: read and understand how long will the store give warranty to your unit once it is purchased. Other safety features magnetized power cords, long basket handles and non-stick interiors (for oil to be cleaned easily) are some of the other features being offered in the market.


According to reviews, it is recommended to use peanut oil, light olive or rice bran oil for deep-frying.  It doesnt give unpleasant flavors that can affect the food. Large deep fryers cook food more efficiently than small fryers. It is highly recommended for commercial use. The ones that are used at home are as big as the size of a normal rice cooker. Since Ive mentioned some of the popular brands, take note that each has different types and models for customers to choose. Some may include most of the features of a good deep fryer but others may not. Check customer reviews online or people who have already bought the product and deep fryer best prices. Discounts are given to customers who purchase electric deep fryer online.

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