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Best Deep Fryer

Best Deep FryerA propane deep fryer is a kind of a gas deep fryer. A gas deep fryer is fueled either by natural gas or propane. A deep fryer, obviously, handles deep frying of food.  Deep fryers are more common in commercial establishments but home-scale models are now available in the market. There are also electric deep fryers but many consumers agree that any gas fryer is cheaper than electric fryers. Electric deep fryers are more efficient than gas fryers because they can adjust temperatures better in between frying batches. But people still choose the propane deep fryer because maintenance is cheaper.

Propane Deep Fryer

Adding a propane deep fryer in your kitchen (or an outdoor deep fryer) will make your life so much easier, especially if you frequently entertain guests. Since fried food is always the quickest fare to serve your guests, a gas deep fryer can take care of the frying while your stove can be used for making other food. Plus, a separate deep fryer for frying will save you so much time since the biggest challenge in deep frying food is waiting for the oil to heat up to the right temperature before frying.

For starters, the best option is an outdoor propane fryer so you can transport it anywhere in the house with convenience. The ideal outdoor fryer must be convenient, portable, and with the biggest capacity of food possible. If cooking for large groups of people, maybe there should be at least two baskets to fry food faster. There are models with three baskets but two would be a good start. The frying baskets should fit perfectly in the pan thats preferably aluminum. The frying baskets should have heat-resistant handles to protect the cooks hands from burning and scalding.

Gas Deep Fryer

A propane deep fryer usually has a cast burner thats separate from the propane tank. Make sure that the cast burner is firmly attached to the tank with the LP hose and regulator. If the three are dysfunctional, you could risk leakage and fire.

Deep fryers usually come with thermometers. This would really be helpful for newbies who have a difficult time judging when the oil is hot enough for deep frying.

When youre choosing a deep fryer, make sure that the size fits according to your needs. Always check the capacity of the basket and the pans. Portability is certainly a plus. Finally, ensure that the tank parts are safe from propane-leakage.

  • Portability: Some deep fryers have wheels.
  • Capacity: 2-3 baskets.
  • Heat-resistant handles.
  • Thermometer
  • Well-secured parts of the propane tank and connector

If you want to get a cheap deep fryer online, you can scout for prices and wait for the websites next sale. Or, if you really want the cheapest deep fryer possible, you get a second hand fryer thats in mint condition.